Learn How to Teach Your Dog Tricks

Owners of pet dogs know what fun it is to be around with them and the fun doubles all the more when your dogs learns and masters over some of the basic commands. Training a dog is a compulsory and one of the most essential phase that a dog parent needs to undertake.

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It not only enhances your compatibility, connection and bonding with your dog, but also helps you to prepare your adorable dog to become a part of the society and become more social. Engaging your dog not only while he is a puppy but throughout the lifetime with different training of tricks, behavior, accepting and acting upon commands makes your dog feel useful, busy and as well as makes him alert and sharp.

While you think of how to teach your dog tricks you need to understand the implications of the training on your dog:

• Spending valuable and quality time with the master
• The dog also enjoys the scope of being rewarded by the master for his performance
• Makes him useful and helpful in managing household chores for you
• Even you can train the dog for being party attraction with his sheer brilliance of tricks
Tips to help you How to Teach your Dog Tricks
If you intend to know how to teach your dog tricks, a grown up one or a puppy you essentially need to adhere to certain basic rules of dog handling techniques in order to get best results out of your training. Dogs are basically very loyal by nature and easily get trained when handled properly and some of the most essential requirements are:
• You need to handle a dog with love and compassionate feelings
• Hitting the dog or trying to put it in belts is absolutely not recommended, since it makes the dog revolting
• Repeated and regular practice of tricks are required for dogs to master over them
• Do not stretch a training session more than 10 to 15 minutes
• Praising the dog and rewarding is an exclusive and non-negligible criteria for good training
• For trainings like switching on a switch, or bringing the newspaper for you, dancing etc you can effectively use a favorite treat as a reward.
• Every trick like a high five, or a hand shake must be practiced with the same worded commanded over and over again, like for example for a high five if you say “high five” and gently tap onto one of his feet, and do this repeatedly, he will automatically learn to recognize the command and even the signal.

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How to Choose a Good Gun Safe for Your Home?

Most of the time we post about fitness but we are also avid believers in that everyone should have the right to their own gun. But if you have a gun then you should make sure it is secured properly. The last thing you want or need is your children getting hold of them. No matter how you look at it more deaths occur every year from family members using guns in there own homes, so stay safe!

Owning a gun is the first step to ensure your personal protection, but you will also need to secure your firearm to prevent its loss, theft or unauthorized usage. As a gun owner, it is important to be responsible in storing your gun in a safe way. The market abounds in many gun safes and it can be tough for you to understand which model you should choose for your own home. Here are some important things to consider while choosing a good home gun safe.

Good lock

Gun safes come mainly with any of 3 types of locks today. These include dial locking system, keypad locking system and biometric locking system. Dial locks are opened by entering a password combination. These need the least maintenance and can last for the longest time. However, these take more time to open up than keypad lock safes. Most of such locks do not lock automatically when the safe door is closed. Keypad locks are faster while biometric gun safe locks are the fastest. However, batteries need to be changed regularly.

Fire Protection

Make sure that the gun safe can withstand fire for a prolonged time period. It should be capable of sustaining against 1000+ degrees Fahrenheit for a minimum of 45 – 60 minutes, and not melt easily unlike a standard safe. Look for safes having an additional layer of sheetrock or ceramic panels for better fire protection.


Gun safes of larger size are hundreds of pounds in overall weight. If you live in a burglar-prone neighborhood, get a safe that is around 750 pounds. This would reduce the risks of the safe being stolen and moved easily by burglars or gun thieves. Choose safes that are designed to be screwed or bolted to the surface of the floor or wall, in order to ensure additional security.

Build strength

A big and heavy safe is no surety of the contents being properly protected. You should buy a gun safe with at least 10-gauge steel which can offer utmost protection and prevent most cutting or drilling attempts. Stay away from safes having sides built of light 12 – 14 gauge steel, as these can be cut with an axe.

Additional armor

A lot of high quality safes consist of relocker, steel plate or other additional armor that activates when attempts are made to drill their surfaces and makes it tougher for unauthorized people to access the contents of the safe.

Learn more: https://thegunsafes.net/best-gun-safe-reviews/

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Fitness Plans For Your Goals!

Are you in bad shape and want to get into shape, or are you in good shape but want to get better? If that is the case then this article has been created for you. These tips and tools will help you regardless of your level.

One of the best way to get into shape that we strongly recommend is doing home fitness. It is so much easier to do it from home and you have no real excuse not to do it! Basic exercises like running around the street or walking up and down stairs can be a great cardio boost.

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Best of all at home you do not have to worry about strangers at the gym or public music being played as you can play your own favorite music! One of the our favorite pieces of equipment is an indoor spinning bike for home workouts. We highly recommend looking into one if you can afford it!

Now back to your goals in mind. You need to not think short term and think about the health you want to enjoy for the rest of your life. And a lot of this is not just about working out in fact most of the work is done with your diet. A lot of big overweight people may actually be healthier than super skinny people. It really depends on their nutrition. The image below is a fantastic but not always image of ‘you are what you eat.’

Another great workout can include plyometric workouts. That means resistance and pushing exercises only using your body weight. So these can include, squats, pull ups, lounges, crunches and many more. This way you don’t even need to buy any gym equipment and you can still feel the heat!

Remember when you feel the burn and your heart rate is elevated then you are likely in the zone! Try to stay in it and push it even harder (be mindful of your age though!). If you get sick or it is getting to hard for you then it may be time to take it easier and relax a bit.

Another great thing to do is to play some sports. If baseball is your thing then go for that. If soccer is your thing then for that. It doesn’t really matter, as long as you are outside and doing some cardio work. The competition however will likely make you push your limits without you realizing it, and this can have great benefits!


We hope these tips helped. They are very generic, but fitness usually always is unless you are specifically working with someone who has specific needs. We will try to cover new and specific posts in the future! Moreover Diets will be a bit part of it!

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Raw Food Diet – Foods to Eat or Not!

If you are planning to opt for a healthy lifestyle, a raw food diet can be a good option. This is a specific meal plan that mainly focuses on a plant-based diet where most foods can be eaten raw and not need to be cooked. This diet is based on the idea that cooking these foods will finally degenerate many healthy enzymes present in plants that help in digestion naturally. Having a raw food diet can be beneficial for your health and body. As a thumb rule, you need to have 75% fresh and raw foods at a minimum. Know more about the raw food diet, including the foods that you can or cannot without.

Foods that you cannot eat

Once you stick to a raw food diet, you mostly need to consume raw foods. You should avoid having processed foods, and also stay away from convenience foods such as dressings, sauces, ice cream, pastry, snacks etc. Also avoid having alcohol, coffee or sodas. You need to also avoid sugar as well as salt, although pink sea salt is okay.

Foods that you can eat

The foods that you can be allowed to have are categorized into some basic groups – vegetables, seaweed, fresh juice, herbs and spices, plant oils, sprouts, grains, legumes, nuts and fruits. Although the menu appears to be limited, it does not indicate that a raw food diet has to be dull. You can consume the ‘permitted foods’ in various ways. It is possible to have them in natural form, like fruit salads and vegetable salads. You can even toss in various types of vegetables and fruits into a blender to have a nutritious, mouthwatering smoothie. You may also toss them into a juicer and consume the produce in the form of juice. You may even experiment with vegetables and fruits in various combinations, for your juices and smoothies.

In case you are having nuts and seeds, you need to first soak them up. If you have them straight from the jar, soak them for 1 – 24 hours in water. This will make them easy and soft enough to be digested. You may have them directly or let them sprout and have them.

Raw vegetable oils, which are rich in Omega 3 and fatty acids, are also good to have. These healthy fats can be consumed with flaxseed oil, almond oil, coconut oil or olive oil. Combine lemon juice with some of the oil, to ensure a healthy salad dressing.

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How to Choose the Best Lady Gyms in Denver?

The city of Denver is extremely active, and has a thriving community that loves to work out. There are plenty of gyms that cater to men, women and both sexes at the same facility (unisex) with separate areas for each. Women throng many gyms here, and the female population includes locals as well as visitors from other states or countries who come here for vacation, business or other purposes. Know about how to choose from the best lady gyms in Denver.

Look for hygiene

Women are drawn to tidiness and hygiene by nature, and look for clean spaces to work out in. Ensure that the gym that you choose is well-lit and properly ventilated, and has plenty of space to exercise in. It needs to have enough supply of fresh air with staffs looking after the needs of customers, such as cleaning up sweat on the equipments used by the previous user, sweeping or mopping floors where water / energy drink has spilled accidentally etc.

Diverse workout choices

If you like variety in your workouts, and do not like to do the same types of exercises every day, look for a gym area with various types of classes – such as Tai Chi, Tabata, Pilates, Yoga etc as well as music or dance workouts such as Salsa and Zumba.

Activity plans and classes

You should also look for a gym that has various activity plans and classes that focus on improving entire health and not just on physical exercises. As women age, they have to deal with joint pain, osteoporosis, spinal issues and other bodily problems. A good coach can determine your fitness level and recommend an activity plan that helps you to become physically and mentally fitter.


Women are concerned with the ambience of a place, as much as the practical considerations such as equipment, costs and space. Make sure that the music plays at a reasonable volume; the place is not too crowded, the shower offers warm and clean water for after-work-out baths etc.


Good amenities are not just luxuries but necessities for many women. Check whether the gym has a good parking facility where you can keep your car in. If you will be going for exercise sessions with your kid in tow at times, an in-house daycare facility can be a great idea. Having a full service locker room, a hair stylist / barber, a juice bar and a good restaurant in-house or nearby can be better for you.

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Cocker Spaniel – How to Potty Train Your Dog Well?

At our home we have a Cocker Spaniel and we love her! However it was a nightmare to potty train her, so today we are going to take a break from fitness and talk about our baby dog and the best way to potty train a Cocker Spaniel!

Cocker Spaniel happens to be a smart breed, and is happy by nature. They make a favorable response to sensitive, soft and positive handling. It is easy to potty-train the dog breed and to make it defecate in a way that is desirable and proper. Here are some easy ways to train your dog in a proper way.

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Observe its body language

Look at the body language of your cocker spaniel. Watch for various signs that show that your Cocker Spaniel is becoming anxious and is sniffing from one spot to another or roaming about in circles. If you observe an erratic behavior in your dog, it is important to understand that it needs to defecate.

Take it to a specific spot

Puppies have to defecate more frequently. You should take it to a desired spot, and the same spot, as quickly as it wakes up – immediately following a short nap, after play time, after meals, immediately before retiring for the day or right after being put into a crate. This will habituate it to defecating in the same area – over and over again.

Use ways for positive reinforcement

Cocker Spaniel dogs are sensitive and soft by nature, and reach best to the technique of positive reinforcement as they are intelligent. Once your dog has relieved itself, praise it. Immediately afterwards, offer a treat as a reward. You should maintain consistency. In a few days or weeks, your dog will relate praise and treat with proper potty behavior.

Implement signal training

Introduce this type of training, which would notify when your Cocker Spaniel wants to defecate. Hang a chime or bell at the level of your canine companion, on its way out to the spot where it is supposed to shed its poop. Teach it to use its paw to chime or ring the bell and go out fast. Your dog will quickly learn this small trick. Try to be consistent in your approach.

Introduce a litter box

You may try to crate your dog for all the time that you are away from home, so that you do not have to come back to soiled floors and furniture when you return. If you do not like crates, train your pup to shed its poop in a litter box, and stay with it until it empties it completely. Use praise and treats to rewards your canine friend. This will ensure positive reinforcement and make your Cocker Spaniel drop its feces in a suitable spot.

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What does an exercise bike tone up?

Riding an exercise stationary bike provides a real cardiovascular workout, besides it also tones several major muscle groups. Although, it is considered to be a workout mainly for legs, it actually works on entire body. In fact, as long as one maintains working on exercise bike, your body stays toned from core to calves.

The Glutes and Upper Legs

The muscles you work while riding an exercise bike depends on the hamstring and quadriceps. Your quads on the downward pedal are the key driving force working on legs and with upward pedal stroke works on the hamstrings. On spinning bikes you are literally on a road bike, working your glutes.

The Core Muscles

Your back and abs receive on an exercise bike a workout, but remember to maintain the posture. In case you let the abs sag or you slouch, you will not see much of the benefits of toning up. In fact, you may put yourself at an injury risk. Bear in mind, you must keep your back straight, regardless of the bike you drive and keep your abs tight. In case you ride a spinning bike, keep the position of forward-leaning working on your back muscles more in comparison to an upright bike. The recline position on recumbent bikes help your focus your abs.

The Lower Legs

Your upper legs are working hard as you pedal to the extent that you actually fail to notice that you are also working on the lower legs. In fact, the calf muscles pull and push with each stroke of pedal, same as a calf rise. The calves put more effort as you point toes downward than keeping foot flat for the entire ride. Cycling shoes keep the motion natural, but you can also consider regular athletic shoes. To work deeply with calves, mix intervals as you pedal and stand.

The Upper Body

Usage of arms is not much, though much focus is on recumbent bikes. There is advantage on spinning bikes as they support your body upper part on the handlebars, thus tone your shoulders, upper arms and upper back. To enjoy an upper-body workout, while on an upright bike or on a recumbent, you can do overhead raises, curls and other arm exercises in association with light hand weights.   You may avoid injury by maintaining proper balance and posture on your bike however ensure throughout your workout you keep with proper posture.

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How to Swing a Golf Club Step By Step?

Golf is a beautiful game, but can be agonizing to anyone who does not know the proper steps. If you practice the golfing basics, there is higher chance of being successful. Once you are familiar with how to maintain your stance and swing your golf club in a proper way, you can quickly go on to become an expert with daily practice. Here are the steps to help you swing a golf club, step by step. It is always critical to have a good pair golf shoes so make sure you read the top spikeless golf shoe reviews and buy a pair.

Stand properly

Stand with your feet kept as wide as your shoulders are. The shoulders and feet should be in line, and point to the target in a straight line. You can do this more easily by placing your golf club on the ground that point to your target. Have the feet lined with the golf club. Once the feet and shoulders are lined together, your body will directly point to the target.

Bend at your knees

Take the club and stretch out the arms, like you are pointing to the ball. Bend the knees and not your back to let the head of the golf club lie flat over the ground. Keep your back straight always. Have the clubface center lined up with the golf ball. You are too distant if you need to reach out for contacting the ball or too near in case you need to bend the arms to do the same.

Do the Back Swing

Draw back the club gradually to maintain a uniform temp, while keeping the left arm straightened. Once you get to the top section of the back swing, your golf club needs to be parallel to the ground and above your head. Rotate your knees and hips in connection with your club, so that there is a proper shift in weight.

Execute the Down Swing

Take a down swing when your club is in a parallel position to the ground. Go on keeping your left arm straight and make the club follow the same direction here as in case of the back swing. Let your hips and knees follow the club all through your down swing, so as to make the shift in weight stay intact.

Make the contact

Look at the ball with your head down, so that you can actually see your club coming in contact with your golf ball.


This is very important, as you have to ensure that your ball does not hook or slice upon contact. Your club should make a contact and then go over your shoulder in a proper way.

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What size collar do I need for my Dog?

 Buying a new friend? Adopting one maybe. Still don’t you think you should gift him something. After all he is going to be your best buddy, a caretaker, a patient listener, a secret keeper , you lover-boy or your baby girl! How about a collar as a start? Nice idea. We know. Now all you need to know is how to find a perfect one.

Most people focus on texture and color and designs and that’s not wrong, these are important too but unlike them we will focus upon the most important consideration – the right size!

These are some other points

Consider the fur of your pooch. If he is extremely furry brush him often. measure the dog right after grooming. Then compare this measurement to one you take right before the dog got groomed (remembering to add the extra 1-3 inches), find adjustable ones.

Measure the neck size. Use a cloth measuring tape to get accurate size. from this measurement, add 1 inch for small breeds (that weigh less than 10 pounds), 2 inches for medium-sized dogs and 3 inches for large breeds (that weigh over 80 pounds).

Widths matter too, generally thicker collars are more supportive and ideal for stronger dogs. Wider ones are more comfortable as they reduce pressure on neck. the best option is to go with a collar that is a standard 1 ½ inch width. always opt for an adjustable one. Be sure the collar fits on the smaller end of the scale helping in making it comfortable. make sure that it fits the dog comfortably and is not too loose or too tight.

A general rule is that if it is a small breed you should be able to fit one finger under it; if it is a medium breed you should be able to fit 2; and if it is a large breed you should be able to fit 3. The most important thing is to make sure your dog is comfortable and if he is, you have selected the right size.

If you’re still unsure which collar to buy, talk with your veterinarian about your dog and which collar would be best.

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Simple Tips On How To Take Good Pictures For Instagram

For helping you to get wonderful pictures and get super popular with visitors on Instagram you need to feed people with good photos of you. The photos need to be so good that they make them say “wow”. However, you should understand how to take good pictures for Instagram before capturing the photos. It may be harder than you think.

The first thing that should you do is set up your hand phone or mobile. The things that you should prepare first are about the composition, editing, and lighting. Regarding about the camera of your phone, I think you should know about under-exposing the shot. It means that you can brighten the shot that you want by editing. But, before you edit this, you should, of course, set the camera on the best exposing shot so the over-exposure can be taken. Then, the photo posted on Instagram is not also created by using HDR camera.

Why can we do that?

Yes, because the HDR is hard to use. Moreover, if you are wrong in using it, your picture will look overdone and it seems unnatural.

Besides these things, when we talk about taking good pictures for Instagram, we also talk about the way of capturing the photos. The main key to creating the best photos for Instagram are based on the composition and the lighting of the image. The picture is said of having good composition when the viewer can be addressed to the subject of the shot.

The most important component that you can do first is turn on the grid. For getting successful composition, we can make the shot into 9 parts in the grid lines. Then, the next composition that is important is about using the palette.  We can consider what theme that we will use for the image. Usually, the theme of nature and landscape is using cool palette. It will help the image very well.

The next thing that is important in taking good pictures that you want for your Instagram page is setting up the lighting. Actually, lighting can show your feeling in the image. You have to remember that the bad picture you capture will generally have bad lighting also. So, you should consider the lighting A LOT. I believe that you have known about how to set up the lighting on your phone, but I just remind you again that natural lighting is the best choice.  If you want to take photos at dusk or dawn, you should plan the result in the light contrast or soft shadow.

Then, what are the best conditions in clouds or sunny? The best time for shooting is in cloudy conditions.

Just for the final tip to take pictures for Instagram, if you want to feed your instagram viewers with amazing photos, you can start with foodies’ photos. Just use wooden tables or marble slabs for putting your food or some food products, it will make your rather photogenic and is trending like hell at the moment. Increase your contrast and exposure composition then add just a little fade. And your picture will be awesome!

Lastly as we generally only talk about gym stuff here. If you are in the gym or taking a picture in front of a mirror for Instagram, make sure you turn the flash off and get a bit of distance from the camera. This way you will look a lot better!

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