Cocker Spaniel – How to Potty Train Your Dog Well?

At our home we have a Cocker Spaniel and we love her! However it was a nightmare to potty train her, so today we are going to take a break from fitness and talk about our baby dog and the best way to potty train a Cocker Spaniel!

Cocker Spaniel happens to be a smart breed, and is happy by nature. They make a favorable response to sensitive, soft and positive handling. It is easy to potty-train the dog breed and to make it defecate in a way that is desirable and proper. Here are some easy ways to train your dog in a proper way.

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Observe its body language

Look at the body language of your cocker spaniel. Watch for various signs that show that your Cocker Spaniel is becoming anxious and is sniffing from one spot to another or roaming about in circles. If you observe an erratic behavior in your dog, it is important to understand that it needs to defecate.

Take it to a specific spot

Puppies have to defecate more frequently. You should take it to a desired spot, and the same spot, as quickly as it wakes up – immediately following a short nap, after play time, after meals, immediately before retiring for the day or right after being put into a crate. This will habituate it to defecating in the same area – over and over again.

Use ways for positive reinforcement

Cocker Spaniel dogs are sensitive and soft by nature, and reach best to the technique of positive reinforcement as they are intelligent. Once your dog has relieved itself, praise it. Immediately afterwards, offer a treat as a reward. You should maintain consistency. In a few days or weeks, your dog will relate praise and treat with proper potty behavior.

Implement signal training

Introduce this type of training, which would notify when your Cocker Spaniel wants to defecate. Hang a chime or bell at the level of your canine companion, on its way out to the spot where it is supposed to shed its poop. Teach it to use its paw to chime or ring the bell and go out fast. Your dog will quickly learn this small trick. Try to be consistent in your approach.

Introduce a litter box

You may try to crate your dog for all the time that you are away from home, so that you do not have to come back to soiled floors and furniture when you return. If you do not like crates, train your pup to shed its poop in a litter box, and stay with it until it empties it completely. Use praise and treats to rewards your canine friend. This will ensure positive reinforcement and make your Cocker Spaniel drop its feces in a suitable spot.

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