How to Choose a Good Gun Safe for Your Home?

Most of the time we post about fitness but we are also avid believers in that everyone should have the right to their own gun. But if you have a gun then you should make sure it is secured properly. The last thing you want or need is your children getting hold of them. No matter how you look at it more deaths occur every year from family members using guns in there own homes, so stay safe!

Owning a gun is the first step to ensure your personal protection, but you will also need to secure your firearm to prevent its loss, theft or unauthorized usage. As a gun owner, it is important to be responsible in storing your gun in a safe way. The market abounds in many gun safes and it can be tough for you to understand which model you should choose for your own home. Here are some important things to consider while choosing a good home gun safe.

Good lock

Gun safes come mainly with any of 3 types of locks today. These include dial locking system, keypad locking system and biometric locking system. Dial locks are opened by entering a password combination. These need the least maintenance and can last for the longest time. However, these take more time to open up than keypad lock safes. Most of such locks do not lock automatically when the safe door is closed. Keypad locks are faster while biometric gun safe locks are the fastest. However, batteries need to be changed regularly.

Fire Protection

Make sure that the gun safe can withstand fire for a prolonged time period. It should be capable of sustaining against 1000+ degrees Fahrenheit for a minimum of 45 – 60 minutes, and not melt easily unlike a standard safe. Look for safes having an additional layer of sheetrock or ceramic panels for better fire protection.


Gun safes of larger size are hundreds of pounds in overall weight. If you live in a burglar-prone neighborhood, get a safe that is around 750 pounds. This would reduce the risks of the safe being stolen and moved easily by burglars or gun thieves. Choose safes that are designed to be screwed or bolted to the surface of the floor or wall, in order to ensure additional security.

Build strength

A big and heavy safe is no surety of the contents being properly protected. You should buy a gun safe with at least 10-gauge steel which can offer utmost protection and prevent most cutting or drilling attempts. Stay away from safes having sides built of light 12 – 14 gauge steel, as these can be cut with an axe.

Additional armor

A lot of high quality safes consist of relocker, steel plate or other additional armor that activates when attempts are made to drill their surfaces and makes it tougher for unauthorized people to access the contents of the safe.

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