How to Swing a Golf Club Step By Step?

Golf is a beautiful game, but can be agonizing to anyone who does not know the proper steps. If you practice the golfing basics, there is higher chance of being successful. Once you are familiar with how to maintain your stance and swing your golf club in a proper way, you can quickly go on to become an expert with daily practice. Here are the steps to help you swing a golf club, step by step. It is always critical to have a good pair golf shoes so make sure you read the top spikeless golf shoe reviews and buy a pair.

Stand properly

Stand with your feet kept as wide as your shoulders are. The shoulders and feet should be in line, and point to the target in a straight line. You can do this more easily by placing your golf club on the ground that point to your target. Have the feet lined with the golf club. Once the feet and shoulders are lined together, your body will directly point to the target.

Bend at your knees

Take the club and stretch out the arms, like you are pointing to the ball. Bend the knees and not your back to let the head of the golf club lie flat over the ground. Keep your back straight always. Have the clubface center lined up with the golf ball. You are too distant if you need to reach out for contacting the ball or too near in case you need to bend the arms to do the same.

Do the Back Swing

Draw back the club gradually to maintain a uniform temp, while keeping the left arm straightened. Once you get to the top section of the back swing, your golf club needs to be parallel to the ground and above your head. Rotate your knees and hips in connection with your club, so that there is a proper shift in weight.

Execute the Down Swing

Take a down swing when your club is in a parallel position to the ground. Go on keeping your left arm straight and make the club follow the same direction here as in case of the back swing. Let your hips and knees follow the club all through your down swing, so as to make the shift in weight stay intact.

Make the contact

Look at the ball with your head down, so that you can actually see your club coming in contact with your golf ball.


This is very important, as you have to ensure that your ball does not hook or slice upon contact. Your club should make a contact and then go over your shoulder in a proper way.

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