Learn How to Teach Your Dog Tricks

Owners of pet dogs know what fun it is to be around with them and the fun doubles all the more when your dogs learns and masters over some of the basic commands. Training a dog is a compulsory and one of the most essential phase that a dog parent needs to undertake.

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It not only enhances your compatibility, connection and bonding with your dog, but also helps you to prepare your adorable dog to become a part of the society and become more social. Engaging your dog not only while he is a puppy but throughout the lifetime with different training of tricks, behavior, accepting and acting upon commands makes your dog feel useful, busy and as well as makes him alert and sharp.

While you think of how to teach your dog tricks you need to understand the implications of the training on your dog:

• Spending valuable and quality time with the master
• The dog also enjoys the scope of being rewarded by the master for his performance
• Makes him useful and helpful in managing household chores for you
• Even you can train the dog for being party attraction with his sheer brilliance of tricks
Tips to help you How to Teach your Dog Tricks
If you intend to know how to teach your dog tricks, a grown up one or a puppy you essentially need to adhere to certain basic rules of dog handling techniques in order to get best results out of your training. Dogs are basically very loyal by nature and easily get trained when handled properly and some of the most essential requirements are:
• You need to handle a dog with love and compassionate feelings
• Hitting the dog or trying to put it in belts is absolutely not recommended, since it makes the dog revolting
• Repeated and regular practice of tricks are required for dogs to master over them
• Do not stretch a training session more than 10 to 15 minutes
• Praising the dog and rewarding is an exclusive and non-negligible criteria for good training
• For trainings like switching on a switch, or bringing the newspaper for you, dancing etc you can effectively use a favorite treat as a reward.
• Every trick like a high five, or a hand shake must be practiced with the same worded commanded over and over again, like for example for a high five if you say “high five” and gently tap onto one of his feet, and do this repeatedly, he will automatically learn to recognize the command and even the signal.

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