Raw Food Diet – Foods to Eat or Not!

If you are planning to opt for a healthy lifestyle, a raw food diet can be a good option. This is a specific meal plan that mainly focuses on a plant-based diet where most foods can be eaten raw and not need to be cooked. This diet is based on the idea that cooking these foods will finally degenerate many healthy enzymes present in plants that help in digestion naturally. Having a raw food diet can be beneficial for your health and body. As a thumb rule, you need to have 75% fresh and raw foods at a minimum. Know more about the raw food diet, including the foods that you can or cannot without.

Foods that you cannot eat

Once you stick to a raw food diet, you mostly need to consume raw foods. You should avoid having processed foods, and also stay away from convenience foods such as dressings, sauces, ice cream, pastry, snacks etc. Also avoid having alcohol, coffee or sodas. You need to also avoid sugar as well as salt, although pink sea salt is okay.

Foods that you can eat

The foods that you can be allowed to have are categorized into some basic groups – vegetables, seaweed, fresh juice, herbs and spices, plant oils, sprouts, grains, legumes, nuts and fruits. Although the menu appears to be limited, it does not indicate that a raw food diet has to be dull. You can consume the ‘permitted foods’ in various ways. It is possible to have them in natural form, like fruit salads and vegetable salads. You can even toss in various types of vegetables and fruits into a blender to have a nutritious, mouthwatering smoothie. You may also toss them into a juicer and consume the produce in the form of juice. You may even experiment with vegetables and fruits in various combinations, for your juices and smoothies.

In case you are having nuts and seeds, you need to first soak them up. If you have them straight from the jar, soak them for 1 – 24 hours in water. This will make them easy and soft enough to be digested. You may have them directly or let them sprout and have them.

Raw vegetable oils, which are rich in Omega 3 and fatty acids, are also good to have. These healthy fats can be consumed with flaxseed oil, almond oil, coconut oil or olive oil. Combine lemon juice with some of the oil, to ensure a healthy salad dressing.

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