What does an exercise bike tone up?

Riding an exercise stationary bike provides a real cardiovascular workout, besides it also tones several major muscle groups. Although, it is considered to be a workout mainly for legs, it actually works on entire body. In fact, as long as one maintains working on exercise bike, your body stays toned from core to calves.

The Glutes and Upper Legs

The muscles you work while riding an exercise bike depends on the hamstring and quadriceps. Your quads on the downward pedal are the key driving force working on legs and with upward pedal stroke works on the hamstrings. On spinning bikes you are literally on a road bike, working your glutes.

The Core Muscles

Your back and abs receive on an exercise bike a workout, but remember to maintain the posture. In case you let the abs sag or you slouch, you will not see much of the benefits of toning up. In fact, you may put yourself at an injury risk. Bear in mind, you must keep your back straight, regardless of the bike you drive and keep your abs tight. In case you ride a spinning bike, keep the position of forward-leaning working on your back muscles more in comparison to an upright bike. The recline position on recumbent bikes help your focus your abs.

The Lower Legs

Your upper legs are working hard as you pedal to the extent that you actually fail to notice that you are also working on the lower legs. In fact, the calf muscles pull and push with each stroke of pedal, same as a calf rise. The calves put more effort as you point toes downward than keeping foot flat for the entire ride. Cycling shoes keep the motion natural, but you can also consider regular athletic shoes. To work deeply with calves, mix intervals as you pedal and stand.

The Upper Body

Usage of arms is not much, though much focus is on recumbent bikes. There is advantage on spinning bikes as they support your body upper part on the handlebars, thus tone your shoulders, upper arms and upper back. To enjoy an upper-body workout, while on an upright bike or on a recumbent, you can do overhead raises, curls and other arm exercises in association with light hand weights.   You may avoid injury by maintaining proper balance and posture on your bike however ensure throughout your workout you keep with proper posture.

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